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800 Vanity Numbers

Vanity Numbers

With the rise of texting came the Vanity Numbers and people became familiar with the idea the numbers could also represent words. Vanity phone numbers convert a standard numeric phone number into a memorable word or phrase called a phoneword.

Phonewords increase the notability of your business' phone number. If you advertise they can increase your response rates by 30% - 60%. So, with Vanity 800 Numbers, not only do more people remember the number to call, you can use them to measure responses to advertising.

Vanity Phone Numbers are usually associated with Toll Free Numbers. However, they can be any number that spells a word. An example would be 1-800-Flowers or 1-917-PhoneNo.

We will keep you top-of-the-mind with potential customers. As long as a number is available, you can assign it to your business incoming call line. It can be associated with any AstraQom Virtual PBX or Toll Free packages.

We offer also Local Phone Numbers in the US and Toll Free Numbers.

How a Vanity Number works

Vanity Phone Number Identity

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Local Vanity 800 Number

AstraQom is a US company. We will work with you to find the best VoIP solution for your business, and we continue to deliver immediate support whenever you need us.

Vanity Phone Number Availability

Large database of Vanity 800 Numbers available, minimum pricing and immediate activation.

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Ability to integrate your Virtual Local Phone Numbers with your PBX, Call Center and even CRM system.

Why do you need an
800 Vanity Number?

You can use the information on calls to help allocate personnel and revise advertising plans - seeing which mediums bring you the most traffic - radio, TV, Social Media, print.

A Vanity 800 Number will significantly improve your company's branding simply by associating it with your domain name. Thanks to your new easy-to-remember number, word of mouth referrals can now be increased and you can approach new advertising opportunities.

Call us today to get your own local Vanity Number for your business in the US.

Memorable Vanity 800 Number
Vanity Numbers Examples

Toll Free Vanity Number Examples

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800 Vanity Number

Benefits of Vanity Phone Numbers for Business

They are great for helping small business owners connect with their customer base, which in turn helps them stay relevant in highly competitive markets and you can improve your company's visibility.

With AstraQom's technology, Vanity 800 numbers can be made to point to your Hosted PBX service, contributing to your corporate image from your first customer contact.

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