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Auto Attendant Service

Auto Attendant

Are you stuck in a rigid contract with a plain old telephone provider? Do you want to benefit from the advanced PBX System features only big businesses can enjoy at the fraction of their normal cost?

With the AstraQom Auto Attendant, you can have all the greatest telephony features on the market without the costly penalties of breaking a contract with your landline phone service provider. Our business answering system is a state-of-the-art Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) solution that handles all your incoming calls with the class you have been dreaming about.

How does this work? You simply have your calls forwarded from your analog telephone service to the dedicated number AstraQom will give you, and we'll take it from there: your AstraQom Automated Call Service will handle the calls just the way you want them handled, and redirect them flawlessly to the numbers of the right employees on your traditional phone service. Your employees don't lose time answering misdirected calls, and you won't even need a receptionist.

At AstraQom, we have gathered all current Hosted PBX innovations in our virtual office phone system, and made it even more versatile, powerful and affordable. All your callers can hear professionally recorded interactive voice menus (IVR/auto-attendant) and be directly transferred wherever is needed. You can have your incoming calls handled with premium ACD features such as call queues, hunt groups, and answering rules based on time schedules, Caller ID, etc.

IVR Platform

Don't wait for the end of a painful contract when you can enjoy the most advanced automated attendant service!

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Why Choose Us?

IVR Platform

We are US business VoIP service providers. We will work with you to find the best office phone system for you, and we continue to deliver immediate support whenever you need us.

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Professional, prompt, high quality Customer Service.

Automated Attendant Service

Just like all AstraQom PBX solutions, your Auto Attendant service will be fully customizable. Indeed, your solution will be as unique as you!

Automated Answering Service

Innovative IVR system designed to step up your corporate image so you can stand up to your competitors.

Automated Answering Service



/line /month

Unlimited incoming and forwarded calls*

IVR (Interactive Voice Response)IVR

Customized Music on HoldCustomized Music

Black ListBlack List

Answering rulesAnswering rules

Call ForwardingCall Forwarding

Call LogsCall Logs

Hunt Groupsunt Groups

Find me/ Follow meFind me/ Follow me

Call IdentifiersCall Identifiers

Conference roomConference room

Call QueuingCall Queuing

* All prices are exclusive of taxes
** Subject to AstraQom's Reasonable Use Policy

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Why you need an
Auto Attendant Service?

In today's competitive market, corporate image makes the difference between a potential customer going for your services or for one of your competitors that appealed to him more.

Your business phone system is often the first impression people will have of your services; you really want your first contact to work for you and not against you.

Our automated answering service eliminates the need of a significant investment in a traditional PBX system that would make advanced features available for your landline. An Auto Attendant allows you to continue using your landline, while having Automatic Call Distribution capabilities, at a small fraction of the cost.

Automated Attendant
Automated Answering Service

Automated Attendant Benefits

Whether you have chosen to keep your landline or you are stuck in a contract, your business benefits from high end technology. The IVR Platform will enable you to enjoy the advantages of both landline and VoIP technology while not disrupting or changing the way you use your business phone lines.

Your leads and customers will now be impressed before you even say a word to them thanks to your new quick and efficient call handling system. This way, your products and services will be perceived in a different and improved way right from the start.

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