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Business Internet Service

Business Internet Service

AstraQom is more than a telephony company, we are also Internet Providers for business. We offer Internet Business Solutions that will give you a reliable VoIP connection in US and beyond. Our connections are business-grade and offer you all the secure features customers have come to expect from AstraQom.

Quality Internet Connection

Most businesses now rely on the Internet for all their communication needs, from newsletters to VoIP phone systems. Huge amounts of traffic are pushed through the Internet on your business' behalf every day.

There are a range of AstraQom Internet options for your company to choose from, that free up space on your existing connection.

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Comcast Internet for Business
AT&T Internet for Business

Benefits of using AstraQom for Internet

We can help you to select the best business Internet connection, saving you time and money.

Choosing an Internet Service Provider can be a minefield - there are so many providers to choose from, each with a myriad of features (and drawbacks). For a smaller business, it can be overwhelming, and many people end up going for the easiest option (usually staying with the existing Internet provider), rather than the best.

At AstraQom, we only work with reputable, proven, reliable Internet Service Providers (ISP), that offer the most advanced packages, at affordable prices. All our ISPs offer excellent coverage and uptime, with full customer support.

We guarantee our Internet has Quality of Service (QoS). This is designed especially for VoIP phone users, as it prioritizes the voice on the connection, thus the quality of their phone calls will be a lot better.

Within our database of carefully selected Internet Business providers, we search for the best connection, at the best price for your company. Our aim is to ensure you maintain an excellent VoIP connection, while conducting all your other business Internet tasks. AstraQom even monitors and tests the speed connection, so you always have the best connection possible.

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