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Virtual Numbers

Local Phone Numbers

Ever used an alias for an email account, or a Post Office Box that forwards your mail? The Virtual Numbers work the same way, allowing you to have a local number in the US or another 50 countries around the world. Calls coming to your Virtual Phone Number will be forwarded to your US office.

You get all the advantages of AstraQom's VoIP Solutions, without the high call rates associated with traditional landlines.


My Business Inc. has offices in Washington, US, but wants to connect with customers in the UK, without customers incurring international call costs. A call made from Liverpool, UK to your company, would use the UK local prefix (the Virtual Phone Number) but connect to the My Business Inc. Washington office.

Our Virtual Numbers can be used across the US, Europe, the Americas, Asia, Australia and the Middle East, giving you a global business presence, at fraction of the cost of creating an office base. You can choose between Global or Local numbers to expand your business and attract new customers.

We offer also local Toll Free Numbers and local Vanity Numbers.

How Virtual Numbers work

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Why Choose Us?

Business VoIP Provider

We are US local phone service providers. We will work with you to find the right VoIP solution for your business and we continue to deliver immediate support whenever you need us.

VoIP Business Provider

Professional, prompt, high quality Customer Service.

Economical Business Phone Numbers

Reduced call costs for your customers, and fixed costs for your business by eliminating Toll Free calling.

Virtual Phone Number Integrations

Ability to integrate your Virtual Phone Numbers with your PBX, Call Center and even CRM system.

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Why do you need a Virtual Number?

When you buy a Local Number for the US you can operate from one state or city and use a locally-based phone number in another.

With a Global Number you can access sales opportunities beyond the US and have a virtual local presence in 50+ countries. You can select a Geographic Phone Number (city), a National Phone Number, or even a Toll Free Number from another country.

You have the option to use your Virtual Number with an AstraQom Virtual PBX, or your own current phone service.

Virtual Local Phone Number
Local Number

Benefits of getting a
Local Phone Number

They are great for helping small business owners connect with their global customer base, which in turn helps them stay relevant in highly competitive markets. With Virtual Numbers for businesses in the US, you can expand your company's reach.

Your possibilities expand and your contacts become closer than ever. With AstraQom's technology, virtual numbers can be made to point to your service without calls to those numbers being treated as 'roaming'. They can even reduce travel costs, as customers can contact you easily.

White checkAbility to give out local direct numbers, or main business numbers to clients.

White checkGive the feel of a locally owned business, while multiple local numbers available for callers make your brand more reliable.

White checkCall backs and inbound requests increase due to lack of long distance charges on the client end.

White checkCan be given to partners, customers or even employees who need to connect to conference rooms from different locations.

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