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VoIP Call Center

VoIP Call Center

Call Centers use two main systems for dealing with phone calls - the office phone system for communicating with customers, and the Call Center software that records the information about the call volumes, wait times and overall agent performance. Often these two systems are not fully integrated, which makes it difficult to access the statistics that are vital for excellent customer support.

Our VoIP Based Call Center handles all your business calls from a Cloud Based Private Branch Exchange (PBX). We offer full integration with our Call Center software, so you can access all the information you need, whenever you want. You can flexibly add and remove agents, as call volumes go up and down.

Another advantage of the AstraQom Hosted Call Center is that you no longer have to maintain any legacy equipment, cutting down on maintenance, while having a new phone system that is easy to expand.

How the Call Center technology works

Cloud Call Center with PBX

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Hosted Call Center Advantages

Advanced VoIP Based Call Center

Using the AstraQom VoIP network not only gives you lower call costs and access to our private, secure network, you also get an advanced Call Center phone system.

VoIP System for Call Center

Our integrated CRM ERP cuts down on the time spent managing separate Call Center IT systems and business phone systems. All your international, Toll Free numbers and local numbers are handled by our Virtual PBX and go to the same integrated system. Our advanced IVR allows callers to be routed by language and department.

Call Center Training

Our Cloud Call Center not only benefits callers but also helps improve employee performance. The Call Recording and Manager Call Monitoring features of our Virtual PBX can be used for effective call monitoring, coaching and training.

Hosted Call Center

By using a Hosted PBX you gain total flexibility and mobility. Your agents no longer have to be based in one central Call Center, they can be based anywhere, even at home through our VoIP based Call Center.

24-7 in touch Call Center

Answering Rules allow businesses to automatically send calls to different departments or agents depending on the time of day, weekends or holidays. For example, if your finance department is closed over the weekend, incoming calls can be directed to the general customer service agents.

VoIP Virtual Call Center

AstraQom's Call Queuing feature routes calls between agents according to pre-set rules: simultaneous, sequential or circular. Adding and removing agents from queues is simple, as all employees are part of the same Virtual PBX. Even non-Call Center employees can easily be added in to help when call volumes are high.

Best Call Center VoIP provider

There is also no need to worry about downtime. The AstraQom network has built in redundancy, so if your local exchange is affected by a natural or man-made disaster, your calls are routed through one of our backup exchanges.

VoIP Solutions

Main Features of the
VoIP based Call Center

WhitecheckFull integrated Virtual PBX with our Call Center software for real time data on call volumes and wait times

WhitecheckIVR (automated menu)

WhitecheckCall Recording

WhitecheckVoicemail to email

WhitecheckAnswering Rules

WhitecheckCall Queuing

WhitecheckCall Transfer

WhitecheckCall Forwarding


WhitecheckSecure, private network

WhitecheckWhisper feature for coaching agents

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