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Wholesale VoIP Termination Network

Wholesale VoIP Termination

Whether you are a small business for which telecommunication is an important success factor, a Call Center, Call Shop or a VoIP provider, AstraQom can accommodate all your outbound calling needs with a range of custom designed VoIP Termination plans.

As SIP VoIP providers, we deliver outstanding quality at top rates, thanks to the interconnection with multiple PTT / Tier 1 / Tier 2 and mobile operators worldwide. We ensure that our enterprise-grade customers receive uncompromising call quality to all target destinations and we take pride in our engineers and representatives who offer the highest level of support on the market.

Our network is designed to handle high call volumes and capacity, enabling you to achieve fast call setups, efficient call routing and high call completion rates.

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Premium network performance

VoIP Carriers

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Competitive VoIP Origination Routes

Premium routes and access to all AstraQom features regardless of the business size.

Wholesale VoIP Provider

Superior QoS and stability parameters, managed and monitored 24/7.

Termination carriers

Robust premium performance global network with multiple POPs.

Best Wholesale SIP Trunk

Low deposits and transparent billing.

Best VoIP Trunk Providers

State of the art network infrastructure built according to strict standards to support extra high call volumes and capacity.

VoIP Call Termination Worldwide

Extended global coverage.

Wholesale Termination for business

Constantly updated rate sheets in order to benefit from the best available SIP Origination.

A Z VoIP Telecom Termination Worldwide


VoIP Wholesale rates

The most affordable Wholesale VoIP rates and best quality on the market, all in a simple solution.



VoIP Wholesale Rates

A-Z Termination designed for needs of mid-size enterprises, with high-quality routes covering a wide range of termination destinations.



VoIP Routes prices

High quality stable routes supporting all signaling features, CLI and QoS, at aggressive Wholesale Termination rates.


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India Fixed & Mobile

All cities


South Africa Fixed



Australia Satellite Fixed & Mobile Telstra



Australia Satellite Mobile Optus



Brazil Fixed Rio De Janeiro



Brazil Mobile Tim



Pakistan Fixed Islamabad



Pakistan Fixed Karachi



Pakistan Mobile Ufone



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A Z VoIP Telecom Termination Worldwide

VoIP Wholesale Rates

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Destination Codes Rate Per Minute (USD)
Destination Codes Rate Per Minute (USD)
Call Termination rates Wholesale

A-Z Termination

WhitecheckReceive reliable, high-quality, scalable VoIP Call Termination supported by the best team of professionals.

WhitecheckHighly redundant network due to hardware and databases hosted across multiple data centers, allowing service continuity in the event of a data center failure.

WhitecheckEnjoy competitive rates for retail and dialer traffic.

WhitecheckCLI delivery.

WhitecheckAccess to over 160 destinations worldwide.

WhitecheckPackages, accounts and payment options specially designed for each business type.

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